Microsoft Azure


Azure Assessment:
Cloud Health Check



Are you sure that you are maximizing the return on your Azure investment?

Benchmark your Azure environment against Cloud Adoption Framework best practices and gain actionable optimization insights to:

  • Deliver increased performance
  • Improve availability
  • Ensure cloud security
  • Control Azure costs

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How it works

Our cloud experts deploy a proven, efficient process.

  1. Assess: We survey your Azure environment to validate that fundamental services (such as Azure Advisor, Security and Monitor) are reporting effectively.
  2. Analyze: We apply a rigorous review to your data, producing a report highlighting and detailing gaps measured against best practices.
  3. Recommend: We provide high-level recommendations for foundational optimization actions to reduce costs, improve security, enhance performance and availability.
  4. Consult: We hold a debrief session to help shape an action plan, including next steps.


Over just 10 days, Aptum’s teams turn large volumes of data into actionable insights to help you improve your cloud ROI.
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