Aptum + CloudOps Webinar

Managed DevOps Service Demystified

Join Craig Tavares, Max Morgan & Aldo Andrade on

Thursday - October 29, 2020 | 11 AM EDT



Building and running a cloud operations team can be challenging. For IT departments everywhere, an objective understanding of the application portfolio, business impact, technical risks, the path (and gaps) to DevOps best practices, and cloud native development and delivery process, is important to a successful implementation.

Managed DevOps Service Demystified

Whether your team already applies DevOps principles or is just getting started, Aptum and CloudOps can help.

Register for our webinar to understand Managed DevOps and its benefits, the DevOps Practices and Platform Assessment (DPPA) and learn:

  • why organizations struggle with decisions about Managed DevOps
  • where it fits and how it should be implemented
  • how an assessment to evaluate your development environment can future-proof your implementation 


Craig Tavares

Craig Tavares

Global Head of Cloud

Craig Tavares is a technology leader specialized in designing, developing, and bringing new innovative products to market.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, his background includes guiding both business and technology strategy to enable value creation and accelerate digital transformation.

Craig has successfully transitioned regional service providers into global leaders across the communications, IT services, data center and cloud space.

Max Morgan

Max Morgan

VP of Operations

Maximilian and the Operations team at CloudOps help organizations large and small along their cloud journey.

Whether it is adoption and cloud selection or getting the very best out of the investment in their cloud deployment, the Operations team at CloudOps is there to help customers own their destiny in the cloud.

Maximilian and the Operations team work in concert with development and application teams, freeing them up allowing them to focus on the high value work of application development.

Aldo Andrade

Aldo Andrade

Solutions Architect

Aldo has always believed in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

A self-taught computer geek with a background in biochemistry and biotechnology, he has worked across diverse Cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean. He specializes in cloud native technologies and computing, web development and technical support. He is a certified AWS SysOps Administrator and Solutions Architect with extensive experience in cloud infrastructure and networking.

In his spare time, he enjoys lego robotics and cycling.